Accessibility and Technology


How close are we? At your fingertips.
Our goods can easily be available for you.

The complete stock can be accessible for your use – all you need to do is contact us.
Please feel free to download our App "Eran Diamonds" from the App Store or
Google play, in order to have access to our $50Mil Inventory.
You have several ways to see the availability of our Inventory online:
- Email. We have an option to provide you once a day email (automatically).
- API. Automatic and ongoing connection to our Inventory (any change in price or
new merchandise can be seen directly).
- FTP server. Our system extracts a CSV Inventory report every 10 minutes through
linking FTP servers.
- We will also be glad to upload all our stones directly to your website.
All you need to do is contact us and our IT personal will take care of you.